Rules & Regulations

Rules / Requirements of Renter           

Eazyliven residence is meant to be a supportive and caring environment for not only you, but those around you. We want this environment to be a safe at all times. There are many stages of sobriety and recovery; we ask you to forever remember your roots, where you have been and how far you have come. We believe that keeping always this in the forefront of you mind, will allow you to acknowledge those around you more, and continue to reach out to those still suffering.  Wherever you are on your journey, there is always someone else who is just beginning theirs.

Some suggestions, that we have learned worked for us are; when you are home or away leave your door cracked open. This not only helps the heat/air circulating,  it states that we always have open arms for someone who may need to talk, it lets one another know that we live in a house of trust, and it also says that when your door is closed you are sleeping and not to be disturbed unless it is an emergency. We ask that you do not keep coffee makers, microwaves, toasters or refrigerators etc… in your room. We provide these items and feel it is a way to stay connected with the others in the house, go downstairs make coffee, have a meal and socialize. These simple rules help us to live a clean and sober life.

  • Rent must be paid on time.
  • Must be employed, volunteering or going to school at least 30 hours a week. If you’re not employed you must be job searching (max 10 hrs. a week on the computer), this 30 hours does not include the two meetings a week you will be expected to attend.
  • Clean up after yourself. This includes, but not limited to, bedrooms, and all living area, washing, drying and putting away your dishes after you have used them, as well as wiping down the bathroom area, toilets and sinks after you use it.
  • If you are going to be gone or away for the evening or longer, write a note on the white board. We are addicts; we are going to worry if a roommate doesn’t come home. *For the first month that you live at Eazyliven, you will be expected to be home every night.
  • We expect everyone to attend the once a month house meeting / dinner. We will work with everyone and their schedules.
  • There is no eating and / or appliances in the rooms without permission, refrigerators, coffeemakers, space heaters, microwaves etc…Eating is designated for the kitchen and living rooms only.
  • There is absolutely no smoking in the house!
  • There is to be no drinking or drug use at all while you are living at Eazyliven Men’s Sober Living. If you do not want to be sober, find somewhere else to live.
  • All doors must be locked at all times, this means when you leave the house and after you enter the house.
  • We provide Mayo, Mustard, Ketchup, Butter, Sugar, Coffee, Bar Soap, and Cleaning Supplies.

If I, Amy or another resident at Eazyliven observe behaviors in which worry us, we reserve the right to address the issue and potentially put you on a contract. We feel that it is everyone’s equal responsibility to make sure that we are paying attention to those around us. So if at any time you see something about someone’s behavior that worries or concerns you, Amy and I expect a phone call. Giving an addict the benefit of a doubt could mean life or death. This includes anything that goes on in the house, with others or yourself.

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